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International conference:

"Dangerous precedent with far-reaching impact:
How withdrawal of protection affects Syrian refugees
in Denmark and abroad"

10 March 2022, 10:00-12:00 CET
Vartov, Store sal, Farvergade 27, Copenhagen

Link to a 10-minute hightlights video here

Link to the whole live streaming via Facebook here

More information: kontakt@refugees.dk


Nadia Hardman, Human Rights Watch
Lisa Blinkenberg, Amnesty International
Nadine Kheshen, Alef Lebanon, Refugee Protection Watch
Haya Atassi, Syrian Association for Citizens' Dignity
Michala Clante Bendixen, Refugees Welcome

Moderator: Malene Haakansson, Amnesty International



"Normalization of Horror"
Report from Syrian Association for Citizen's Dignity, August 2021

"Our Lives Are Like Death"
Report from Human Rights Watch, October 2021

"You're going to your death"
Report from Amnesty International, September 2021

"I have not known the taste of safety for ten years"
Study from Refugee Protection Watch, November 2021

"Syria: Security and socio-economic situation in the governorates of Damascus and Rural Damascus"
Country of origin report from Danish Immigration Service, October 2020

"Syria: Security situation in Damascus City and Yarmouk"
Country of origin report from Danish Immigration Service and Danish Refugee Council, June 2018


Responses to questionnaire from sources of information used in reports from DIS, carried out by SACD February 2022

Letter and 16 pages annex to Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration from SACD, April 2021

Letter to Danish Immigration Service about their Syria report from Amnesty International , December 2021

"Legal experts: Syrian withdrawal cases should be reopened"
Article referring to critique from Danish legal experts, Refugees Welcome, December 2021  

"Undeportable: The Danish Limbo" part I-III
3 articles explaining the situation for Syrians in Denmark, Syria Direct, March 2022